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    this broke my heart

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    some of the funniest jokes on gravity falls

    You forgot 


    I honestly don’t know why I’m not allowed to watch this.

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    Suddenly you’re 21 and you’re screaming along in your car to all the songs you used to listen to when you were sad in middle school and everything is different but everything is good

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    in my senior drama class i had to play gordon ramsay for a film project but we could only film in school so we had to try to find a closed off room to use. the thing is the room wasn’t exactly soundproof and apparently someone heard us and that’s the story of how the vice principal and four freshmen walked in on me wearing a chef’s hat and yelling at my friend because her squid was so raw i could still hear it telling spongebob to fuck off

    did you get an A

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  7. Anonymous said: Why is life worth living? I ask myself this everyday, but can never even come up with one reason.


    Waking up next to your best friend in her tiny bed.
    Waking up alone in a tent.
    The taste of green tea on a hot day.
    Shaving your head and laughing.
    The comfortable silence between yourself and another being. 
    A field full of wildflowers hidden behind crappy buildings.
    Notes from middle school.
    Climbing sand dunes, even if you were falling on the way up.
    Walking away from the people who hurt you. 
    The way the earth looks after it rains.
    Hot sand under your bare feet. 
    When a cat sits on your lap instead of the laps of the other 8 people in the room.
    Buying a dress in a vintage shop you saw 4 years ago but couldn’t get then.
    Getting naked in places you aren’t allowed to be naked in.
    The feeling you get when you beat an anxiety attack.
    Making love.
    Moving into your own apartment for the first time. 
    Finishing a piece of art.
    When someone says, “this reminded me of you.”
    Meeting a person who feels the same way you do about the world, knowing you’re not as alone as you thought you were.
    Eye contact with a beautiful stranger.
    Changing your mind about something you thought you knew your whole life.
    2 am walks in the city.
    The rush you feel driving through an intense thunderstorm. 
    Laughing so hard you pretty much pee your pants.
    Family events you don’t want to go to that make you feel surprisingly thankful.
    Letters in the mail. 
    Getting so full you have to unbutton your pants. 
    A good night’s sleep after 14 nights of depression keeping you up. 
    Not failing a test.
    Forgiving others. 
    Forgiving yourself.
    When someone says, “I’m proud of you.”
    Telling someone how much you love them. 
    Laying in bed with a friend drinking wine and reading poetry.
    Getting lost in cornfields with your favorite music blasting through the speakers.
    When you finally get the courage to say how you feel.
    Drunken nights full of people you don’t know spilling their entire lives to you.
    Buying a used book that has underlined sentences. 
    The boxes you find full of pictures of people who passed away.
    3 hour phone calls with someone you used to love.
    The feeling of cool sheets against your bare feet.

    I hope you can start seeing the small things and understand that those are what make you feel. Those are the reasons you’re alive. 

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    how are u gonna fit that box in there

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    the teacher has the radio on and a lady gaga song came on and now im gay thanks a lot public school

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  10. Yo for real, FUCK SCHOOL ! I mean imma still go, imma still go tho.

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    go into a starbucks in NYC and say very loudly into your phone “this movie script is stale and trite! we need some new talent, someone with a fresh outlook” and wait

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    2015 is only 5 months away, just let that sink in

    What the fuck does the sink want now


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    August 30: Rihanna hydro jet surfing in Sardina, Italy

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